Linguistic: Writing

We’ve already covered why we speak, and writing follows along those same lines. We write out of necessity. We write because we need to communicate, negotiate, bribe, convince, plead, argue, and support. Only speaking is a temporary form of the linguistic mode, and therefore easy to forget. Writing allows us to create a more concrete and permanent form of language.

We needed contracts, and wills – promises spelt out on paper to be remembered and referenced. We needed words inked onto paper to confirmed the past and help predict the future. In other words, writing is an incredibly important factor in communication. Written language is just as necessary to our modern-day interactions as it was 500 years ago. Cool right?

P.S – in case you didn’t find this post amazing and cool either, here’s a link to some other written words that you might find more interesting.

Why We Write

Bunting, Joe. “Why We Write: Four Reasons.” The Write Practice. The Write Practice, July 2012. Web. 13 Sept. 2015.


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